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5 Tips for cleaning before or after a move in or out

Most people ignore one of the most crucial aspects of a move: the cleaning. It is commonplace to forget that the kitchen, mattress, and other mattresses have been used in the past before, creating anxiety in the future occupant. The most straightforward way to guarantee your own peace of mind is to hire professionals to clean for your move in or out. However, if you're in this position and are thinking about cleaning by yourself, here are some pointers that might prove useful. Read on to learn more.
5+1 Tips for move-in move-out cleaning
move in move out cleaning

There is something very important to think about when moving in or out of an apartment that most people forget about. The cleaning! For some of them who are about to live in a new dwelling, the thought of someone being in there before is causing anxiety. Mostly because the kitchen has been used, the mattress has been slept on, etc. That is why the best way to ensure your own peace of mind is by hiring professionals to come and thoroughly clean for your move in or out! Yet, if you are in this type of situation and you are thinking of doing it by yourself, we have some information which could help you do it efficiently! Read on to find out.

The important first steps

So, if you have decided to struggle on your own, you will need to give yourself enough time for the cleaning. Make sure that you do some overall cleaning before you move in, or if possible, a thorough one. Double-check appliances, faucets and electrical sockets before you start using them, and if there is any issue, that would be the perfect time to let your landlord know. Before you move in officially, you should have had a walk-through with the property manager, and if for some reason you notice something that you haven’t before, make sure you notify them so it gets fixed.

Follow checklists

There are such checklists both for move-in and move-out cleaning, which you can follow in order to make sure that everything is covered and is cleaned! As we said, the carpet has been stepped on, the mattress has been slept on, and the couch has been sat on. To make yourself as comfortable as possible in your new home, you will need to clean those! If you can get your hands on an industrial wet vacuum or a steam cleaner, it will help you clean the fibres in depth. All of the dead skin cells, sweat spots, and dust will be washed away to give you a new environment!

Clean the appliances

Make sure you’ve cleaned every appliance there is in the kitchen! They have been used, and you can never be sure how often they have been cleaned. Look inside of the fridge, the washing machine, cupboards, basically into everything! And don’t forget under and behind, as those areas tend to gather a lot of dust, while we tend to ignore them.

The bathroom!

Here comes the great scrubbing – of the bathtub, shower cabin, sink, toilet and all that is in the bathroom. Also, clean the ventilation filters. You would like that area disinfected! Open all of the windows in the entire apartment to let fresh air in during the cleaning because if you are using harsh chemicals, they could be harmful.

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