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Top 3 Organising Habits That Make Your House Cleaner

One of the most significant reasons for messy houses everywhere is the lack of time. People commonly claim that they don’t have enough time to clean their houses. The most frequent reason, in my view, is that they don't have enough time. If a person really wants to make their house tidy and clean, it should be done whether or not they have enough time. It's not about the desire; it's about the opportunity. The two reasons I listed above are the most frequent ones used to excuse messy houses. Let’s examine some other reasons. First, maintaining a house isn't about the amount of time you have; it's about efficiently organising it. Second, there are more reasons to maintain a house properly than having enough time.

Top 3 Organizing Habits That Make Your House Cleaner
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There are two common reasons, maybe the most common ones, frequently used to excuse our messy houses. The first, and I believe most frequently used all over the world, is the time, or more precisely stated insufficient time. “You know I wanted to make that house look nice and be clean once and for all, but I was super busy all week-long and needed some time to relax in the weekend. It’s not that I have no desire, but I simply had no chance.” Blah, Blah. Maintaining your house is not a matter of time but a matter of efficient organisation. And by an organisation, I mean several things. But let’s first go back to the second reason.

Have you heard one of your friends or relatives telling you,

“I clean all day long, and the results are none? The house is just as dirty and messy as it was.”

Oh, God!, we all have heard this stupid sounding and lacking logic excuse, haven’t we? But how disorganised should you be to spend an entire day cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, and achieve nothing?

There is a single myth around us: cleaning is the key to home maintenance. No, no, no. The organisation is the key to home maintenance. And here are a few reasons that will convince you all.

Put Everything Where It Belongs

The dirtiest house is indeed the messiest one. And do you know where does all the mess originate? Well, you come home, and within a couple of minutes, you leave a jacket on the sofa, a scarf on the chair, a handbag on the table, your keys on a shelf somewhere, your shoes in the middle of the room and the take away you got for lunch on the living room table. And that’s it. You can turn around and notice the awfulness of this place with no order. You would tell that it is dirty, wouldn’t you? While in fact, you have just created by yourself the nightmare of every home maintenance freak. Please, put your stuff where it belongs, and everything will be just alright.

Declutter Often

The decluttering part is too often neglected, while, in fact, it can save you from much more dirt and clutter than any other type of cleaning if we assume that the decluttering is one. Be organised and get rid of things you.

Don’t use it frequently enough to have a pleasant and cosy home. This means you better throw away all those random things, like an old bus ticket, a receipt you need no more, a beautiful muffin box, etc.

Be organized, be clean

In a universe where you are keen to maintain your house in perfect condition, these two are synonyms. Be organized, not procrastinating, and cleaning everything weekly or biweekly, and you will be clean, making your house clean with the minimal effort possible.

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